Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour

I am rather having a nail polish moment, every now and then I go through a phase of becoming really interested in one kind of beauty product and in this instance it is nail polish. I never used to be one for getting excited over a new collection but recently I have been purchasing new shades like they are going out of fashion…someone stop me before I become a hoarder!

Another rarity that has been occurring is my lust for purple shades, if you know me you’ll know that I rarely sway from the coral shade family but for now it’s all about light purples and they don’t come much lighter than Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour in Drama Sheen. Drama Sheen has been hailed the must have shade from the collection of ten shades and until I saw the light purple I wouldn’t have agreed.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Colour in Drama Sheen is the purple shade for those like myself who do have a slight fascination with the colour family as it is light purple with a stronger purple shimmer. Sally Hansen Drama Sheen will utterly sizzle with a tan so if you want something light yet not neon for your nails this is the shade to snap up. One final note on Drama Sheen is that it is pretty sheer and did require three coats to become somewhat opaque, this is one that I will layer over a white polish in the future.

All of the Triple Shine Nail polishes by Sally Hansen have a gel like formulation which not only dries quickly but to a glossy finish. For Rs.430 a bottle they are brilliant quality. I urge you to check the shades out in store, surprisingly the non Triple Shine collection has the best shades – it’s all I can do not to buy one of each colour!