Scrub a Dub Dub

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ scrub? I for one enjoy nothing more a good slough away in soak; face, body, hands, hair, feet – no surface is left unsanded. There’s something rather satisfying about shedding a layer of skin in a snake-like fashion, so here’s my favourites for when the pamper routine gets a little grainy…

Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Overnight Mask – Rs.599. I’m not a big fan of manual exfoliation face-wise; chemical bad boys dominate my facial skincare routine. But when I do fancy a gentle slough away at my skin. When things are looking uber rough, out this comes with not a jagged surface in sight as water activated enzymes grind away the daily grime. Product prescription: once a week, post cleanse, pre tone.

L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Exfoliating Scrub – Rs.399. Some face exfoliators can leave behind a heavy film post rub, but this waves goodbye to dead skin cells, saying hello to a smoother layer. A good grit that rids the grime without the grease; all with a fruity fresh scent.

VLCC Aloe Vera & Lemon Face Mask – Rs.155. Softening in just the right amounts and the perfect for upkeep in between weekly uses of the Exfoliating Scrub. The smell may leave a little to be desired but once you get over the ‘lemony’ whiff you’ll be happy with your softer than soft face courtesy of the aloe vera and lemon blend. I tend to massage a pea-sized amount onto my face before each bath time, then wash out and moisturise after to lock in the moisture.