Shopping the Stash

‘Shopping the stash’, is an expression used to describe the act of digging around in your dusty makeup drawers and finding some long-lost gems. With no time, nor money to do any massively extravagant hauls of late, I have had a little rummage in my collection and I thought I would show you what I have found!

Sally Hansen Insta-dry Nail Color in Blue

This is buy far my favorite nail color from Sally Hansen ever! It’s something that every now and again I lose sight of, but the minute that it finds it’s way onto my nails I am instantly back in love. A matte powdery blue, that just looks so chic on my skin tone and gives a warm beachy vibe.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Color in Decadent

I only own one of their infamous Nail Colors, which is this one, called Decadent that I picked up in a collection that was released last year. I fricking hate the formula, but the color is a beaut! So I am enjoying using it up.

Nuance Nail Color in Azalea

When this nail color did the round in the beauty community, I quickly snapped it up. But when I first used it, I was greeted by a thin, watery mess that made my nails look horrendous! However, after a few months it has thickened slightly and now I love to use it to give my nails some serious oomph!

Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick in Fawn

This BB stick is the PERFECT lazy day base. It’s fantastic for good skin/light coverage foundation days! I like the fact that it has a slight sheen to it as it gives you a nice radiant glow, without looking too greasy. I have the shade Fawn, which is definitely a summer shade for me, but as it is quite warm it adds a nice amount of color without looking too over the top! Love it!

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

This is a pretty candy pink, not too yellow, not too red just very pink, that is so easy to wack on your nails and be done with – simple!

So there you go, some gems that have been brought to light, rediscovered and used constantly over the past week or so! Have you ‘shopped your stash’ recently 😉