Smudged-on Lips

You know I’m not opposed to a bold lip lately. But on a day-to-day basis the pitfalls of sporting a brash lipstick still lead to me wearing them less than I’d like to. The dreaded outer-line that’s left after devouring a plateful pizza (a frequent occurrence), bleeding, hair-streaked lines across the face on a windy day and of course the whole lippie on the teeth thing. When I’m calculating this little beauty formula each morning at my dresser more often than not I end up reaching for a clear nude. Gawd I’m just too experimental for my own good sometimes. But I’ve found a balance to this lippie equation that results in a flush of low-maintance colour without the outlined above catches. Let me present the non-groundbreaking, painfully simple ‘Smudged-On Lip’ technique…

The ‘Smudged-On’ lip does exactly what it says on the tin. Take the bullet to your finger, get some colour on your pinkie, then proceed to work into the lips. No need to worry about lining, evenness or being precise, this is all about the lazy lip look – the smudgier the better. Give it a quick blot and you’re done – a hint of colour without all the associated bold lip bothers. My top pick for this method? NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick delivers a kick-ass pop.

So blot on the colour, leave the need for touching up at the door and rock the bold tints with a smudged-on lip. And you chow down on that pizza without a care in the world, girl.