SPFs That Rock

The peeps in the skincare know, squabble over all kinds of issues, but there’s one point that they can all come to some agreement on – the importance of SPF; the biggest culprit of ageing and a factor we’re exposed to every bloody day. For the full sun protection lecture I’ll leave it to the professionals, but the long and short of it is slap it on daily, be overzealous in application and stick to ones that offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection; heads up: both my picks do. After my recent pact to slather on the good stuff each morning I’ve been on a mission to find formulas that didn’t bring back memories of my Mum greasing me up on seaside resort holidays with thick, white sunscreens that transformed me into a sand magnet and in my debut round of testing I’ve found two which pass the tacky-texture-free test:

Organic Harvest Sunscreen SPF 60 Triple Action Formula – Rs.545. SPF 60. SPF 60! But this stuff doesn’t conform to your high factor nightmares, oh no. In fact blind-tested against the other one I don’t think I’d be able to detect a difference. It’s a little richer perhaps, but still sinks in, does the job and foundation acts like its usual self on top of it. When the serious rays come out to play this is what I’ll be reaching for. I just love this stuff. Its protection is broad-spectrum and it bucks all the usual SPF cliches; lightweight, easily absorbed and makes a good year-rounder choice.

Lotus Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray– Rs.285. It’s a tad heavier than the previously mentioned, still oil-free but perhaps more suited to the drier-skin among us. It’s tinted too with a slightly peachy hint, but this blends out post-application giving more glow that it does colour. An SPF without a hint of grease in sight – and it’s the cheapest out of the two; apply, busy yourself for a minute or two and you’re ready for your daily dose of makeup. The sheen-free finish means that I’ve been thrusting this in my dad’s face each morning for him to use in his (very limited) skincare lineup and for once he’s been obliging.

…and all without a white-cast or sulk-inducing sticky formula in sight. Load. Me. Up. Sun – I’m ready for ya.