Spring Day Skincare

Unless you’ve been living under a well placed rock for the past few days then you would have heard that we’ve been melting in India, which fills us as a nation with equal measures of dread and excitement. I’ve been going down the excitement route and for the last three days have been exchanging hourly pictures of the outside view with my brother documenting the season, cause we’re cool like that. And yesterday while heat dispelling activities flurried round me, I whacked out my camera and snapped happily away at my spring day skincare saviours; the combination of which has kept my skin looking somewhat buff and bouncy in the melty furnace conditions (well it’s currently 28°C, but we love to exaggerate a little)…

In the presence of the heat snap I’m sticking to my usual cleansing and toning guns and injecting hydration into the proceeding parts of my routine. First I massage in a pea-sized squirt of Bio Oil, a heavy-duty but not heavy-feeling oil which gets dredged up each night. Finally I seal it all in with a hefty dose of The Body Shop Honeymania Hand Cream. Simple – oil + moisturiser; It’s a ‘skincare duo’ if you will. The same duo can be slapped on in the evening too. Although I tend to go a wee bit heavier handed to ramp up the moisture drip-feed onto the heavenly hydrated setting.

Skincare duo applied and dry areas seen to, I think it’s time to shed a couple of layers and pray for a merciful summer. Who’s with me?