Square or Almond?

I’ve been hacking my nails into a square-like fashion since I can remember. My best friend and I used to stock up on the French Manicure sets on the way home from school and file our nails into oblivion before getting our white tips on. It was a thrice weekly occurrence. And after years of trimming them straight across, the whole square shape thing just became my thang. But for the past few seasons nails have been eking out into a more almond shape – ‘a curve that reflects that of your cuticle’ – is a term I’ve heard being tossed around. And it got me thinking, it’s time to crack out the Nail File and get to work on softening those edges.

So here’s the before and after. Before showcasing Faces Splash Nail Enamel in Aureolin which has been adorning my nails since its purchase, and after with a throwback to last summers coral hued favourite, Lakme’s Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish in Coral Rush. Now the difference is very minor given that my nails are rather short right now. Note to self: when trying to to transform my tips into a brand spanking new look let them grow a bit first, duh. But all it took was a bit of work at the edges, a little back and forth at the top and an almond appearance was (sorta) mine.

Coaxing my nails into an almond tip (visible to the non-nail obsessed person) will take a few weeks, but I’m pleased with the beginnings of a more rounded approach. So where do you sit on the fingertip fence – square or almond?