Summer Spritz

I’m not too much of a stickler when it comes to wearing certain scents at particular times of the day or year – I’m a perfume maverick in that sense. Carolina Herrera 212 Surf gets thrown on in the heat and a light dash of Issey Miyake can make an appearance in the depths of the winter. However there is a summer spritz that I’ve been reaching for this season and coincidentally there’s an offer for the floral, powdery and fresh fragrance…

Zara Milano seems to make an appearance in everyone’s summer fragrance picks, so excuse me while I jump on the bandwagon. A mix of woody and fruity notes this is a nice pick for when you fancy an uber subtle scent. It’s housed in a dinky lil’ bottle too which is why it’s the one that always gets thrown in my bag when I’m travelling. I can never remember the specific notes of perfumes, but I do remember that this has apple and peony and I think that sums up this scent very well. Although it does make you want to eat it slightly. This would hit the right spots for both citrus and floral fans. There is something about the Zara branding that I adore, the bottle, the stores, the typeface. I know, I know – nerd alert! So if anyone has any recommendations, then speak up.

So what did you spray on this morning?