The Autumn Nail Polish Edit

An autumn nail polish line-up. Cute, huh? Well this green to rose rainbow of hues is what has been gracing my nails over recent weeks. Now please note that none of these shades are from the actual Autumn 2015 collections as each time I’ve visited a stand in Lifestyle the counter has been ram-raided by fellow nail polish lovers like myself and there are no new shades to be seen. So for the meantime I’m sticking with right on greens and downright dirty greiges…

Let’s start with the vampiest offering of the bunch – Revlon’s Balsam Fir. I’ve spoken about this forest green offering before – it’s the perfect ‘I want to wear black, but not black’ shade. Now the one that jumps out the most out of this array are Colorbar’s Nail Lacquers. Beautiful Pink is a medium, creamy, straight-up pink, equally balanced between blue and orange tones – I quickly layered one coat of this on one morning and before I knew it five days had passed. Oh yes. Lazy girl to the max! A shade which I have never reached for too much but have found a recent lust for is Bubbly. It’s a toughie to explain shade-wise, but all I can say is I want a dress in this colour, thanks. The next two follow that saying of being ‘the same, but different’. Max Factor’s Chilled Lilac and L’Oreal’s Boudoir Rose both fall into the murky, purple, grey category (one of my personal favourites), look gorgeous on the nails and are shades I cannot stop looking at when I’ve lacquered them on. My pick out of the two? Boudoir Rose.

The naughty beauty blogger in me forgot to (read: too lazy to redo my mani) swatch each shade, but if you fancy a lengthy ramble complete with painted nails let me know in the comments below. Now which shade to revisit next?