The Beauty Bag: April

“It’s getting hot in here, so get some colour on” – I’m sure that’s how that Nelly song went right? I kid, I kid. I still know all the words to that tune (yes, tune), 15 years post its release – yep even all the rappy bits too. But in the spirit of April’s Beauty Bag lets just go with the revised hook cause in India we’re starting to experience summer and having exhausted all bronzey, highlighted, glowy options in my makeup arsenal I’m vowing to add a splash of shading from the other end of the spectrum this month; pinks, oranges, blues, greens. You might want to be sitting down for this one…

EYES: Still classing myself a semi-shadow noob who can just about pass off a neutral eye without it looking too much like I’ve punched myself in the socket, I’m sticking to pencils when it comes to colour. And given my browny peepers I’ve settled on a golden toned stick as my definer of choice. L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gelmatic Pen in Glamour Gold for the budget scriber. Paired with a hell’a load of mascara. Done.

LIPS: Polishes aside if I’m ever going to inject some colour into my rotation any time of the year it’s always the lips, so my selection to pick from for this category was pretty hefty. But two rose to the top of the pack: Faces’ Glam On Colour Perfect Lipstick in Sugar Candy, a pigmented wash teeth-whitening, complexion-brightening pink and Addicted which I’m dubbing the looks ah-mazing on anyone shade.

NAILS: Two tip shades that compliment the L’Oreal Gelmatic Pen to the tone are Faces’ Nail Polish in Rust and Apricot Orange. Both give a bright appearance with two layers and here’s a thought: Rust on the toes, Apricot Orange on your fingertips – love it.

Into the Beauty Bag these zesty options go. Dig out your shades girl as things just got a whole lot more colourful round these parts.