The Best of Maybelline

During a rambling conversation with my Dad that covered topics such as our favourites from The Big Band Theory (me – Penny, him – Sheldon) & tripods – exciting stuff, he told me that he’d got into a chat with one of my cousins who I haven’t seen for ages (shout out to Vaidehi!), about my blog. She said she loved having a read (thanks girl!), but did have one snippet of feedback – could I talk about cheaper products every now and again. She said she loved to treat herself but likes to be able to grab a beauty bargain on a more regular basis and would love to see what I’d recommend purchasing on such a trip. Well I’m all for some constructive feedback so here it is, a new category – ‘The Budget Buy’! Now these might not be the most regular of the features on the blog cause I want to make sure I’m bringing you the best of the budget edit, but I’ll aim to keep everything under a grand – cheap, cheerful and easy on the purse. For the first installment, two absolute gems from Maybelline…

If I’m not using the ever-so-pricey and completely not suited to this category, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara on my lashes then there’s a high chance I’ve swapped it for an offering from Maybelline. I’ve spoken about their Colossal Volum’Express Mascara before; it’s slightly on the drier side which is good because it doesn’t clump or give wet smudges on the skin. It coats the lashes well in a single swipe but I like to go over the lashes a few times to get maximum volume – enough for you to wander around in public and not look like a corpse and really injects some volume into the lashes. My other favourite from them and one that me and mom have matching pots of, is the Cheeky Glow. This is more of a classic blush, that works some serious magic. The texture is smooth and it sits on your cheeks without feeling too greasy or heavy – I’d even go as far to say it’s my favourite face product. Both fit into my stash – the Volum’Express Mascara as more of a evening out product and the Cheeky Glow in my bag to apply during the day.

The best bit – you can pick both of these up for a total of just Rs.600. Although they’re usually thrown into some kind of deal, so worth keeping an eye out. So there you have it Vaidehi – add ’em to your shopping list!