The Blue Platform

I’ve got a bit of a thing with shoes. Back in my old college days I happily traipsed around in holey shoes that I’d owned for years, so now I’m making up for those dark days and giving my feet a treat in some slightly more upmarket soles. In fact the majority of shoes that I now own were bought this year! Just shows how awful my old shoes were!

My newest addition to my ever growing broad are from, yep you’ve guessed it, Koovs, where else? I think I’m single handily keeping the economy afloat with the money I’m spending in there at the moment! I may be a pretty average lady (5 foot 3 if you were wondering), but I do love my heels – in fact I quite like being the tall, towering one of the group! So when I saw these teetering blue platforms my eyes lit up. A simple thick heel, with a rather large platform and ankle straps, not the most practical shoe in the world but perhaps the most beautiful. The silver details just topped it off for me and in they fell into my basket. Now boy, are these high and walking in them unaided may take a little bit of practice, but I guess that adds to the fun!

I’ve had a little look online but it seems they don’t have them left, but there are quite a few similar pairs floating around on the Koovs website. I braved the cold this weekend and shot a few OOTDs with these on so you can see how I style them and that will be up this time next week, so keep an eye out for that! So what do you think – are you a heels or a flats kinda gal?