The Brand New Bolds

Revlon Copperglow Berry used to rule my lipstick roost. The boring the better in my eyes – oh the shame. But my bored-out rouge days are behind me and I’ve turned a new corner recently with a trio of ‘brand new bolds’ becoming daily go-tos; not loud, they all feature a common tinge of pink that helps them to sit on the lips in a little more natural way. And not in an 90’s pink way, like a popping pink way that doesn’t make you look like the sixth member of Spice Girls.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick in No.4* – Rs.900. The pinkiest of the bunch, I find to mimic my old fave Copperglow Berry in tonal family the most, but in a much less brown-based way. And as expected, Innisfree never disappoint on the lipstick front. Smooth, slick and just the right amount of colour.

BeYu Hydro Star Volume Lipstick in No.366*. Now this one I love. It’s like the perfect blend of brown, peach and pink in one all tied up with a tiny dose of rose. MLBB – any guesses?

BeYu Cashmere Lip Color Matt in 08 Red Lobster*. BeYu are a brand that sit a bit below the radar, but whenever I slick on one of their formulas I experience a bit of a eureka moment. A matte liquid lipstick, but still with oomph, and the shade? Red lobster, well…

Boring nudes out, bold colours in..

*PR Sample