The Little Black Book of Style

They say you are what you eat and apparently the same goes for what you pour over – you write what you read. So I’ve been balancing out my Buzzfeed sessions with something a little more high-brow, Nina Garcia’s, ‘The Little Black Book of Style‘.

Sometimes you need someone to remind you of the obvious- especially in a world where so many things are happening at once and over and over again. My point is: life’s confusing, and finding ways to express yourself in a clear, chic way via your closet is a great stress relief. The first part consists of lots of awesome tips on pretty much each area of fashion: organization, necessary items, and finding inspiration. The parts that follow are little anecdotes on what to wear and when to wear it, movies to watch and be inspired by and such. The ending consists of wonderful Q&A with fashion’s biggest names.

I picked up my copy from Amazon for a grab-and-go price of Rs.796. Engaging, enriching and for the next week or so I’ll be nose deep in it.