The Makeup ‘Dewifier’

We’ve all been there, when your base just looks a little to ‘done’. A bit cakey, heavy and when a close-up mirror inspection is conducted visible pigment powders cling to your pores – it’s not a good look. Whether you’re road testing a new foundation, or just got exuberant with the powder – I usually find it’s when I’ve gone a tad too heavy handed with a fuller-coverage choice from my foundation wardrobe – there’s a big temptation to sack it in, reach for the bottle of Bioderma and start again from scratch. But after a chance spritz and save the other day from a bottle of glow-dosing water I discovered the perfect remedy to turn heavy into hydrated…

I’ve been sitting here stroking my imaginary beard trying to pigeonhole the following product into a category, but I’m struggling with this one. Mist? Setting spray? Dewifier? I think I’ll go with my last suggestion. The chances are you’ve all got one – but it’s no doubt getting a little dusty due to its slightly bamboozling brief. This ‘dewifier’ can be used in a whole host of ways but I find its talents lend themselves best to whipping an overly-powdered complexion, into a skin-like sheeny one without grabbing the Bioderma. This is where Vichy Eau Thermale* comes into play with its high quality ingredient credentials and was the product that spurred this post into progress.

The technique is simple. Spray directly on for occasions where a slight helping spritz is needed to push you into dewy territory or apply directly onto a fluffy brush and buff over your base when things are dangerously leaning to the powdery side of proceedings. Cake face be gone.

*PR Sample