The Nail Polish Push

I’m not sure what sort of nail polish sorcery has been going on recently, but it seems that I’m unable to be within a two mile radius of a Health & Glow or Lifestyle without entering and exiting with a lacquer in hand. The bottles of the tipped-off stuff are just calling to me. And not just my usual nudes either (although I’m currently sporting the ol’ classic Colorbar Baby Peach), but purple, greens, yellows – they’ve all been added to the basket. And they’re all under 500 and there’s not a Chambor in sight. Say what? The polish push is well and truly on…

First up, probably my favourite of the bunch is Sally Hansen Drama Sheen which is creating a Sally Hansen rush that I’m currently experiencing. A pinked-up light purple, I think I’ve found my autumn nail jam. Worn alone it imparts its bottled colour on the tips, but layered with the L’Oreal top coat and jeez you’ve got a party on your hands. Something a little more subtle but still sort of autumnal is a recent Revlon purchase, Parfumerie Nail Colour in Balsam Fir. Fab brush and even fabber lasting power, this stuff stayed chip-free on my talons for a good five days before it needed an SON sesh. Further colour recommendations from this range are welcomed.

Another budget range that’s been tickling my fingertip fancy are Revlon’s Colorstay Gel & Sun Candy Nail Colours. Somehow two have managed to squirrel their way into my stash: Casino Lights, a bright yellow and Northern Lights, a true sky blue. I’ve been loving both shades, there’s not a dud in there. The brushes are bed-width, the finish extremely glossy and although the colours do tend to need three coats it dries so darn fast the process isn’t too laborious. And all for Rs.400, bargain.

A further point to raise from this post. After proclaiming that the Health & Glow in Kurla are a little lacklustre, I stumbled across the best one I’ve ever set foot in – Malad’s Infiniti. One word – wow.