The Oft-Neglected

It is an all too frequent occurrence that beauty gems get bundled to the back of a drawer. Collecting dust and not seeing the light of day, it’s not until I get down to having a good ol’ clear up that I polish them off and vow to enlist them back into my daily rotation. That’s exactly what happened to the following oft-neglected products; beauts that I’ve welcomed back into the bag with open arms…

Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Peachie Sweety – Rs.250. This powder blusher is the product that set the ball rolling for this post. It’s resided in my stash for way too long (what expiry date, huh?) and although it’s much coveted I find this cowering in the corner all the darn time. I actually like quite using it all over to correct a too-washed out foundation and have vowed that this will be the autumn that Peachie Sweety comes to the front line.

MAC Eye Shadow in All That Glitters – Rs.990. How gorgeous is this? It’s a peachy hued shadow that makes a nice change to the golden lid washes I usually reach for. You can’t beat a good MAC eye shadow; the buttery blendable formulas rock and I sense the shadow to be getting a lot of use over the coming weeks.

Colorbar Metallic Nail Colour in Bejewelled – Rs.250. This polish often gets lost in my sea of nude polishes, but chippy formula aside it’s a stunner of a shade, and one that’s up there with my all-time favourite, L’Oreal Paris Boudoir Rose. A cheery pink; I’m getting a head start and rocking it on my toes already.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream – Rs.550. Oh the lengths I went to to get my hands on this bad boy. It’s easily the most beautiful product photographed, but this skin perfector cream never gets the love it deserves. Sheeny dewy face, be mine.