The Perfect ‘Imperfect’ Bun

The minute that I get home from work I throw my hair on top of my head. Without a second thought up it goes, whipped in a hairband and from that moment on it’s affectionately known as the ‘apple’. However if I decide to rock the ‘apple’ throughout the day then I’ve found a great little trick to help me achieve the perfect imperfect bun…

Ok so here’s the scenario, it’s the night before and you figure that you really can’t be asked to do your hair the following morning (come on we’ve all been there!). All you’ve got to do is tie your hair into a high bun like you usually do, I tend to pull my hair through like I’m doing a ponytail and then only bring half the hair through at the end, then sleep on it. Simples! By the morning you would have achieved ultimate high hair bun messiness. It may need a little tweaking or a touch of hairspray to keep it in place but whenever I do my buns like this I always find they look the best!

This style is the epitome of lazy girl, but if you give it a go I promise I won’t judge 😉 Everyone loves the apple! Any messy bun tips? Then pop them below!