The Perfumed Nail

High-shine, glass-like nails seem to be the nail nod right now. The shinier the better is the mantra. Repeating this saying in my head while perusing Lifestyle, I stumbled across the Revlon counter that was crammed with their Parfumerie Nail Enamels. Eyes lit up, I bundled two in the basket and have been admiring my nails, so reflective I can almost see my face in them, since. Here’s a bit of backstory; every gal who I’ve quizzed on their lacquer choice recently has credited the Revlon Parfumerie Polishes and sung their praises. So here’s my report.

Revlon being Revlon, the colour selection is rather playful, so I plumped for the most vibrant being the African Tea Rose and the autumn time brown, Autumn Spice. African Tea Rose was first up and although application wasn’t the smoothest – probably down to my impatience at lobbing the layers on before the previous one wasn’t dry – it built up and did not require a top coat. A top coat style shine & a rosy fragrance without the need to get air flowing through the flat. So far so good and I’ll keep you noted on wear-time. It’s been a long while since I had dalliance with Revlon polishes, but back in the day they were my fave, I think it’s time to re-indulge.

The receipt is long gone (I don’t like to be reminded of my dwindling bank account for too long), but I seem to remember they were each for Rs.350. Pop one (or two) in your basket for a high-shine perfumed finish. I may have to nip back in there sooner rather than later…