The Pink Polish Roster

Pink polish swatch

Recently I’ve been harbouring quite the love affair with pink nail polish. Note: this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that one of my girl crushes, Deepika Padukone, is never spotted without a set of perfectly pinked up talons. Promise. But there’s just something about a smooth slick of the stuff on the nails that makes me feel sophisticated, polished and a little bit ladylike – and trust me that’s some feat. I don’t half pick my moments – it may not be the most seasonal choice right now but there’s been not a hint of nude that’s graced my tips for weeks now. Shocking, I know; so welcome the cream of my pink polish crop…

The Classic: Revlon African Tea Rose Nail Enamel – not too deep, too dark nor orange – just a straight up rose pink is what you’re getting here. I like.

The One Coat Wonder: Chambor 451 Nail Colour – I’ve spoken about my love for this stuff before. One lacquer layer on and you’re done. Simples. This is the one that gets pulled out of my stash in times of indecision.

The ‘Don’t Do Pink’ Pink: Colorbar Bejewelled Metallic Nail Lacquer – a shimmery pink that bucks the stuffy stereotypes sometimes associated with pink coloured nails and is instead guaranteed to give you a bout of ‘new nail’ syndrome. Props to the curved-in brush too, that snugly covers the nail in one swipe.

Pink polish roster complete, the toughie is now picking out which colour will be painted on next from my rotation. ‘The Classic’? ‘The OCW’? ‘The ‘Don’t Do Pink’ Pink’? Beauty blogger problems, eh?