The Usual Suspects

So you know I’m always blabbering on about how little time I have in the morning so need to stick to quite simple and quick makeup blah blah? Well due to my job, and even earlier commute to work than before, my morning routine has all of about 2 minutes that allows for a bit of preening. So I have been shoving products on my face even quicker than ever before! You wanna know what products were lovingly ‘shoved on’ this morning? Well let me show you.

I may be quite stuck in my ways when it comes to the rest of my makeup, but when it comes down to lip balm I’m up for a bit of experimentation! My lip balm ‘flavour of the week’, has been my Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Tint – it’s light, easy to apply and adds a nice amount of colour without being too overdone. A firm everyday fav. I scrimp on powder as I am favouring the natural ‘glowy’ (aka greasy) look at the moment but I also don’t bother with bronzer as I have been keeping quite tanned recently or blusher as I have quite a ruddy complexion anyway! I take the brown end of the Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Citrus & swipe it on my eyelids. Next I apply the dark brown shade from the Rimmel Glam’eyes HD Eyeshadow in English Oak over the outer ‘v’ of the eyelids and line my waterlines with Avon Everlasting 2-in-1 Kajal + Smudger (standard!). I haven’t mentioned a lip product yet cause in all honesty I usually forget to pop one on – shock! They get a slathering of Rimmel 001, Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Berry or Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Brown Sugar while I’m on the train if they’re lucky 😉

There you have it, nothing I haven’t spoken before, but thought I would share my current beauty faves with ya, cause I’m nice like that! Had a ridiculously busy week but going to get back into my blogging grove this weekend 😉