The Weekend Post #1: Brush Cleaning

This weekend I have been jotting down a few ideas for the blog, lame I know. But one of my ‘light-bulb’ moments cumulated in the creation of a new little series on Gloss & Magic, titled ‘The Weekend Post’. I am a bit of a busy bee during the week, so during my weekends I like to dedicate some time to relaxing, reorganising my life and a spot of pampering. In fact you guys may have noticed that I tend to pop up a ‘facial’-type post most weekends. So keep an eye out for ‘The Weekend Post’ which will be a quick write-up of some of my weekend rituals, whether that be re-organising my makeup collection to cleansing my brushes, which is what I thought I would chat about today….

Cleaning my brushes is something that I do on a weekly basis, I am a bit of a neat freak and hate the look of dirty brushes and of course how unhygienic they can become. There are an absolute shed-load of tutorials on YouTube on how to clean brushes, but I like to keep it nice and simple so thought I would share. Firstly there are 2 ways you can clean your brushes: spot cleaning, which is where you use a specific brush cleaner (such as MAC’s) to quickly clean your brushes, not using water will mean that they dry in a matter of minutes, or deep cleaning, which is where you use water and a foaming cleaner to really give your brushes a good cleanse. I prefer to deep clean my brushes as spot-cleaning is only really good for people who reuse the same brushes for different colours often or professionals on a shoot. I grab my brushes that need a clean and take them, and a napkin into my bathroom. I keep the hot tap running and pop each brush under the water, keeping the brush pointing down so as not to direct the water into the base of the brush. Now when it comes to what brush cleaner I use I am not fussy, I have used MAC’s Brush Cleanser in the past, but it is an expensive habit and I don’t find I can get much of a lather. So I prefer to use a handwash, may be a bit of a rebellious choice I know – at the moment Dettol No Touch Handwash is my cleaner of choice. I pop a squirt in my hand, swirl the brush in it and then rinse it out under the tap. When all my brushes are done I lay them down on a napkin to dry overnight and – finito! I love having clean brushes, in fact it makes me a bit sad on a Monday when they get all dirty again! Do you ladies have any suggestions for cheapie brush cleansers? Are you a handwash rebel like me? Hope you have all had a good weekend!

Much Love,

Gauri x