The Weekend Post #11: The Mini Facial

At the weekends I go back to basics with my skincare. Chances are I’m lounging around all day with a quick trip into town or the less glamourous grocery store wedged in, so makeup takes a backseat and I embrace the no makeup look, spending time focusing on my skincare and giving my face a good ol’ clean and time to breathe.

Yesterday I indulged in my favourite ‘mini facial’ routine, which basically involves giving it a thorough and deep cleanse and then loading on some moisture to give it a little nourishment and repair. First I massage a load of the Olay Regenerist Daily Cleanser all over my face, although this isn’t my everyday cleanser of choice, I go back to this whenever I want to strip my skincare back to it’s bare bones. My skin just reacts so well to it and I always feel like this gives it the deepest clean. Next I go a bit wild and put a countless amount of the Lakme Skin Gloss Cream all over my face. I am completely, 100%, full-on addicted to this stuff! It’s packed with plenty of skin calming ingredients. I massage that in all over and my skin feels nice and juicy when I wake up the next day – there is no fancier way of putting it!

Mm mm! Even just writing this post is making me want to do it again! I love how my skin feels after I do this, plus facials are just super relaxing, right? Do you have a weekend skincare regiment that you like to follow as well?