The Weekend Post #12: Spot Zappers

Today I am nursing a rather large boulder that’s erupted on my chin. Lovely. I have a few skincare saviours in my arsenal though that I deploy on occasions like today, so let’s have a chat about them…

One of my more recent samples is the Vichy Thermal Spa Water*, which I was given. In all honesty this is probably the most disappointing sample, it feels sticky on the skin and I don’t find that it did anything to my spotty areas. Not showering it with a lot of praise here, but thought I’d mention it as a few people had asked what I thought about it, but it’s not really for me. Something I’ve been using for a while is the gel-like Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser. This is a classic spot fighting formula packed with loads of anti-bacterial tea-tree and salicylic acid. I did a review on it a while ago now (link here), and it’s still something that I like to shove on my spots to kill them off a bit. Finally a product that’s better for when your whole face needs clearing up is the Lakme Skin Gloss Cream. I have the tiniest trickle of this left but save it for when my face seems congested and spots are cropping up everywhere; a layer of this all over after cleansing and toning seems to do the trick.

So there’s a run-down of my spot-fighting army. I would definitely recommend the combination of using the Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser as part of your evening skincare routine with the Lakme Skin Gloss Cream as an overnight treatment. That’s what seems to be moving on this gigantic red bobble on my face right now! Any spot-zapping tips that you have? What products do you rely on?

*PR Sample