The Weekend Post #13: My Basket

‘My Basket’ is a new addition to my beauty-things storage. I’m always trying out new hair and body products so the basket is my way of keeping track of what things I’m using and loving at that moment; as things get used up I swap in new products from my stocks and if something is not up to scratch then out it goes and in comes another product to save the day. So it’s safe to say that a product has wheedled its way into the basket then its probably doing a good job. In the past weeks the basket has had an almost 100% overhaul so here are what products I’m slathering on my body and hair at the moment!

With Summer round the corner, I’m on moisturisation overdrive! I’m pretty good with this step in my beauty regime anyway, but I have been known to moisturise twice a day in the warmer weather. For all over my body the Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream is my favourite; it’s berry-fragranced, no-fuss and isn’t too greasy. I put this on before bed and wake up in the morning feeling nice and silky smooth. For my thighs and derriere I’ve been giving the Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner a go. It does smell nice! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Sun block features in the basket of course. I’m always going be a big fan of the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray, for me it gives the most matte finish and lasts the longest amount of time.

Recently I’ve had a hair product overhaul, and have really got into TIGI stuff. I’ll describe my routine briefly here but a more in-depth haircare routine post will be up soon. The TIGI Urban Antidotes Shampoo* and Conditioner* are my two go-to washing products. I have to say the Urban Antidotes Shampoo gets top marks from me, it cleans my hair so well that I only need to wash it now twice a week and both times I use this, seriously amazing stuff! If I fancy smoothing it then the TIGI After Party Cream* works wonders. When it comes to styling I think I may have found the ultimate lazy hair, beach babe, voluminising product in the Livon Moroccon Oil Serum* and the nourishing Dove Elixir in Hibiscus & Argan Oil. Both budget products & well worth it in my opinion. My hair has never looked so big, yet non-plussed. I think this combination of hair products could be here to say for a while.

Right, so that’s it for another weekend post! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun today! What hair and body products are you loving at the moment? I’m really tempted to try some moisturiser from Chambor, has anyone tried it? I’m intrigued!

*PR Samples