The Weekend Post #19: Beauty in the Bedroom

This weekend has been the first one in a long time where I have been in the delightful position of having ‘no plans’. Mega lay-ins have occurred, cakes have been baked and TV shows caught up on all sprinkled with a little laze in my bedroom toying around with my favourite beauty products. Bliss…

Due to the sun making a timely reappearance it’s all about the sunscreen this weekend. For my face I been applying a hefty dollop of Lotus’ Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray, which I’ve mentioned many a time. High protection, without the usual greasiness of SPF’s and it makes a great base for the rest of your makeup (if you can be assed to put some on – I can’t). I do always like to have a fragrance with me, you know just to freshen up and all that, and I can’t seem to put the Zara Milano EDT Rollerball down at the moment. The right combination of floral and fruity this is the perfect summer scent for me. Lipbalm is always an essential, wherever I am, whatever the time of year and nothing comes close to the Maybelline Baby Lips. I’ve been suffering with ridiculously dry lips this week, due to my own fault of not drinking enough water (doh!), but this has come to my rescue in a big way. Will I ever be able to stop raving about it? No I think not. Weekend time also means that it’s manicure time. I’ve got into a routine recently of painting my nails each weekend – fingers and toes, and trying to change up the colour more often than I was. I’m contemplating Bobbi Brown Bittersweet, but I’ve been enjoying Lakme Amethyst so much recently – I will no doubt spend the rest of the day pondering this decision. Non-beauty bedroom essentials include a good mag, in this case my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan.

Today I think I’m going to swap the bedroom for the park. I will no doubt be traipsing back this evening with the remnants of melted ice lolly up my arm. Such a classy bird – hope you all have a lovely day!