The Weekend Post #20: The Basket Revisited

I’ve spoken about my beauty basket before. I’m always trying out new hair and body products so the basket is my way of keeping track of what things I’m using and loving at that moment; as things get used up I swap in new products from my stocks and if something is not up to scratch then out it goes and in comes another product to save the day. So it’s safe to say that if a product has wheedled its way into the basket then its probably doing a good job. In the past weeks the basket has had an almost 100% overhaul so here are what products I’m slathering on my body and hair at the moment!

Hair-wise I won’t jabber on too much as they are all products I got a while ago which I spoke about in recent posts. My daily shampoo and conditioner of choice have been from the Bed Head by TIGI Urban Antidotes range. I have no complaints, but I’m not wildly raving about them either, they do the job but the jury’s still out on whether a repurchase will occur. Other hair bits include the Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment, L’Oreal Paris’ 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil, Bed Head by TIGI Sugar Dust & the Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum; all get a thumbs up from me.

The other product that has cropped up before is the Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum. I’m now on my 2nd bottle of the Serum; it’s the best for me and the one that I always go back to. One of the more recent addition to the basket is the L’Occitane Amande Foot Care, which my friend highly recommended to me to sort out flaky feet (eww but true).

So it seems I’m a little hair-centric at the moment. Excessive amount of products aside I’m thinking of indulging in a little dye job and a minor snip – I think it’s time for a restyle people. We’ll see. Right, now I’m sure I heard there was some left over Coke in the fridge…..who’s thirsty for some Coke?