The Weekend Post #24: Caramel Sundays

This weekend I thought I’d mix it up a bit, quite literally. I’m regularly showing off my baking wares on Instagram (glossandmagic, if you fancy some food and makeup porn) and a few of you asked for them to be leaked onto the blog, but I don’t want to lean away from beauty too much. So I thought I’d incorporate one of my favourite things to bake into a caramel Sunday conglomerate – a kitchen marathon with the aim to produce seriously sweet caramel pudding followed by an equally satisfying mani with Lakme’s Caramel Melt Gel Stylist. This recipe isn’t too tricky – hey, if I can make it and the results are half edible, then anyone can – but put aside a good hour or so and get your MasterChef cap on. And it’s based on this recipe. First up ingredients…

4 slices sandwich bread, 1.5 cups whole milk, 6 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp cornstarch, ½ tsp vanilla extract. Serves 2.

Firstly chop 4 slices of sandwich bread into cubes and in a pan, take 1.5 cups milk. Add 4 tbsp sugar. Then add 1 tsp corn starch. Keep the pan on a low flame and stir so that the sugar dissolves and heat the milk on a low flame – once the milk has become hot, remove the pan from fire. Add the bread cubes to the milk and mash very well with a masher or spatula. Up till now? Simples, but it’s about to get messy. Add ½ tsp vanilla extract and stir. In another pan take 2 to 2.5 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp water. You can use any pan as long as the pudding mixture fits into it keeping about ½ to 1 inch space from the top and right about now is the time that I start feeling like Vikas Khanna and attempt to taste the batter like it’s a cake, it’s not, concentrate Gauri. Now place this pan on stove top and begin to melt the sugar.

While the sugar is melting, use a spoon to stir this mixture then the solution will start turning brown. Then keep on stirring to get an even colour and caramelization, when the colour turns to golden with small bubbles appearing, the caramel is ready. Switch off and with the help of tongs or gloves, lift the pan and quickly start tilting & moving the pan, so that the caramel gets coated evenly on all sides and now in the pan, add the mashed bread and milk mixture. Cover with an aluminium foil and poke holes with a tooth pick in the foil. Boil required amount of water in a broad pan in which the pudding pan can easily fit, then place the pudding pan carefully in the broad pan. Steam on a medium flame for 25 to 30 minutes till the caramel bread pudding is set. Allow it to cool (just a bit), then erm, EAT!

I’m not sure Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar would be the biggest fans, but it’s just fine for me. So let the caramel fest begin; I’m legging it off to a caramel-coloured mani with caramel pudding in hand. Lush.