The Weekend Post #25: The Ultimate TWP

the ultimate twp

Today marks my 25th (!?!?!) Weekend Post. Which means there’s been 25 posts full to the brim of preening, pampering and primping with a hella load of skincare, body and hair care treats along the way with some Sunday beauty chores thrown in as well. Phew. These are easily my favourite posts of the week to write and to test out products for – who doesn’t love an hour long bath all in the name of blogging research? But to celebrate, somewhat, this milestone I thought I’d note down my favourite posts and products from this category that I happily partake in most weekends. These are rituals that (I hope) will never go away, welcome to The Ultimate Weekend Post…

One product I use everyday Sunday is the TIGI Urban Antidotes Recovery Shampoo which I did a whole post dedicated to here. And by golly does it deserve its own post – I think I’m now on my third tube of this stuff and it cleanses my locks like no other. I’ve recently had my hair coloured (post on its way!), so I’m going to have to rein in my use of this but I’ll still be massaging this into my scalp on extremely greasy days. Three face products that make up a ritual that I try to squeeze in time to complete around the time that the shizzy TV reality results shows, make up ‘The Triple Threat Facial’ – you remember that one? Some weekends I only manage the time to apply one and call it a day but if I’m feeling a little luxe or my skin is playing up big style then this is one of my favourite routines to follow.

So that’s documented what I’ll be doing tonight and happy pampering everyone – here’s to more 25 Weekend Posts *raises a champagne flute*