The Weekend Post #26: The Detox

If I scoff another Mama G&M homemade chocolate pudding then I may just have to be rolled into the new week. So it’s time to lay off the treats, dust off the yoga mat that was last used 11 months ago and begin a bit of a detox. But I’m not talking handfuls of the green stuff meeting a juicing machine, I’m bringing it back down to beauty (as always) and finishing the week off on a pampering high. Welcome the detoxifying pamper edit and start the week off on the right beauty foot…

Nothing screams detox like a good ol’ face serum and to reinstate something that looks a little like radiance back into my skin I’ll be reaching for the Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum. I’ve used this a fair few times in the past and four minutes with it on and your skin is given a large dose of dewy. Followed by the Overnight Mask, which is known as a bit of a wonder product in my house, cuticles, elbows, faces – this mask does it all, facial detoxing is complete.

So it’s time to get down to detoxing beauty style and let the last pamper session of the week commence. By the end of today I’m sure I’ll be feeling more squeaky clean than ever, all ready to ruin tomorrow I’m sure.