The Weekend Post #29: More Mask

The scene is set and today I’m revisiting my old stomping ground; I love nothing more than slathering on a face mask at the weekend (well aside from eating my own body weight in puddings). It’s a step that I usually forget until Sunday rolls round and that way I can cap my usage to make sure I’m not OD’ing on the stuff. Recently there’s been much love given to one so here’s the need-to-know on it…

A mask that’s more fitting to a spectrum of skin types is Lakme Absoulte Skin Gloss Overnight Mask. Staying true to my word on providing an update after continued use, here it is. This sits somewhere between the sticky texture masks and the more clay-mask stereotype; it dries onto the skin after ten minutes and there’s a detected sigh of ‘ahhh this feels nice‘ when it’s washed off without any tightness. This has a lot of hydration to it, making it a nice choice for drier skinned gals who still fancy a bit of a detoxing mask here and there or oily skins who need a touch of light-handed moisture. A good all-rounder.

I’ll be spending this evening scaring various people with my masked-up face, which always tickles me. Happy Maskday.