The Weekend Post #3: The Neon Nail

L’Oreal’s Color Riche Le Vernis in Beige Countess & Saqu’s Neon Orange

It was one of my very close friend’s Birthday this weekend, so that meant that there was the perfect excuse to go out dancing on Friday night, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed letting my hair down and having a boogie. For the occasion I decided it was only right to sport a ‘Neon Nail’ in order to add a touch of festive flavour if you will, and you know what – I think this will go down into the book of ‘All Time Fave Nail Combos’! I absolutely love it!

I really like how it’s still a pretty neutral nail, and the pop of neon is quite subtle – definitely not too OTT to wear to work – in fact I will be sporting this everyday for the rest of the week as I repainted them like this tonight! L’Oreal’s ‘Beige Countess’ is fast becoming one of my favourite nail polishes. A shade which I love so much, it’s a nice mix of a mauve and beige. The pop of neon is Saqu’s ‘Neon Orange’ a shade which I purchased this time last year, and in all honesty isn’t one I reach for everyday, but when I do I bloody love it. Although I do love my more recent neon purchase, Revlon’s ‘High Voltage’ , this colour applies much more opaquely, it only takes 2 coats instead of 5! So there you have it, that’s what I have been up to beauty-wise this weekend 🙂 Hope you have all had a good one!

Much Love,

Gauri x