The Weekend Post #31: Oil

Two years ago my face was an oil-free product zone. Being the oily skin type category I winced at my greasy T-zone and slapped on products more likely to be aimed at the teenage section. Stripping, foaming and most definitely oil-free formulas; the drier my skin felt the happier I was. Fast forward to the present day and my skincare set-up couldn’t look more different. Age, life and my general disregard of my recommended water intake (it goes right through me if you get my drift), has wedged my complexion in the more combination grouping so I like to layer on emollient creams, balm textured cleansers and a hell’a load of oils. The latter being the most satisfying product to apply of the bunch. A mini spa-esque massage each night propped up at my basin – my skin drinks up the stuff. Here’s the need to know on the oily ointment that I’ve tailored into my routine…

Bio Oil is a product that gets wheeled out for particularly parched days. Delivering a hefty dose of hydration it hangs around for long on the skin but does any dry patches the world of good.

I tend to stick to the ‘oily evening’ approach and warm up the product up between my hands before pressing into the face post-serum and pre-moisturiser before bed. Although I do make the odd exception in the morning on flakey days when a drop of oil is added to my moisturiser to soup-up the formula. The moral of the story? Halt the stripping and get oily. Oh…er.