The Weekend Post #37: Bedtime Beauty

If there’s one thing you’ve to know about me is – aside from the fact that I just love hogging the bed covers – it’s that I need a good 30 minute warning before bed to complete all the necessary steps and pre-slumber beauty tasks. First there’s the skincare routine, any additional bolt-ons, heck sometimes even a chipped nail SOS sesh before I slip into bed to carry out those final few bedside beauty must-dos. It’s lengthy, but I love it. So this weekend I’ve been raking through the bedside stuff and streamlining my stash.

The Soulflower Energy Boost Roll on* sits on the sidelines and gets called in for a roller or two on the odd occassion, but I find it works rather well as a little wake-up call when applied to pressure points in the morning if my sleepy clutches can find it.

Good smelling stuff addressed, the rest of my rotation concerns itself with ramping up the moisture levels. The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion, which is no doubt the longest standing product throughout the whole of my beauty stocks does a good job at addressing any dry patches – I usually end up sticking a bit on elbows to keep them nourished. You know that saying – got to keep your elbows moisturised, right? The Body Shop Honeymania Hand Cream does what it says on the tin, and sometimes I mix in Kama Ayurveda’s Cypress Orange Essential Oil for a souped-up formula, although I tend to reserve this for cuticle duty. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Maybelline’s Baby Lips works wonders for the lips and counts as a treatment and balm in one if you need any justifications to purchase. And finally a spray of Vichy’s Eau Thermale Spray* at anytime of the day feels luxe, but just before bed it incorporates nicely as an almost ‘setting spray’ to my evening routine.

So that’s it, the bedtime beauty bunch.

*PR Sample