The Weekend Post #39: Smelling Goooooood

Because there’s only one thing better than a weekend pamper sesh – a DIY groom with products that smell ridiculously amazing, right? So good in fact, that you tend to go heavy handed just to eek out that whiff a little bit more (see my description below of the The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask which will explain why I go to bed after a skincare session every night). So this weekend I’m bringing out the sweet scented big guns…

VLCC Tinted Souffle Sun Screen – Tinted sun screen? Life = made. A quick browse of their site reveals that this is the lone-standing tinted screen they do, but you know what – it’s bloody lovely so I’m ok with that. The smell is a tough one to pin-point; slightly floral, with a hint of musk but unisex too.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask – Tea scented goodness that when slathered on as the last step in your skincare routine – I tend to go about my business as normal and then apply this & wash off before my moisturiser – leaves you with plump and glowy skin come morning. I like to make this a once a week treat to keep any possible oily patches in check.