The Weekend Post #5: My Mini Mani

It’s a Sunday. In my world it’s prime preening time; I’ve washed and blow-dried my hair, had a nice relaxing bath with my new favourite bath oils (post on those coming up) and cleaned my makeup brushes. The only thing left is to sort out my nails. Over the past few weeks something strange has happened, I’ve completely gone off wearing nude on my nails. In fact I haven’t worn nude on my nails since the beginning of January! Now when I say nude I mean my usual browns, beiges and taupes – they have all been replaced by one neon bubblegum-like shade, Faces Bubble Pop. I brought this back at the beginning of the year and was intially disappointed with it’s neoness, but a couple of the months down the line and it’s practically the only shade I have worn in 2014!

I keep my manicure routine very quick and simple: I cut and file my nails and we’re ready to go. After a thin layer of the Lakme Base Coat I apply two layers of Faces Bubble Pop. Now this polish takes some practice, it can go slightly streaky, so you have to wait a decent amount of time between layers to ensure that doesn’t happen. But if you fancy a matte, ‘groomed’ nail colour then this is perfect. It leaves a bright neon look to my nails, making them look fun without being too over-done, I love!