VLCC Ultra Radiance Tinted Sunscreen Souffle SPF 50


VLCC Ultra Radiance Tinted Sunscreen Souffle SPF 50 is for you if you are looking for a high protection sunscreen product that also offers a little coverage and complexion enhancement. It is basically a tinted sun cream with SPF 50 that is enriched with skincare ingredients including orange and also olive which helps to protect against sun damage, brown spots and sun induced premature skin ageing. You could use this instead of your regular sun product when on holiday and you’ll get high protection plus an enhanced illuminated complexion. Isn’t this what we’ve wanted on holiday forever?

See, here’s the deal. The VLCC Ultra Radiance Tinted Sunscreen has a beautifully light yet silky texture that sinks into the skin really easily. It feels really nice on the skin and delivers a shot of hydration thanks to everyone’s best friend, vitamin E, alongside the Shea butter. The vitamin E also means that the skin is more plump, soft and smooth. It provides a lovely light and sheer coverage, so if you want a bit more of a makeup BB cream, then this probably isn’t what you are looking for. You could, however, add concealer and then set it with powder for more of a makeup look and perfected skin tone. Score. You’d be safe in the knowledge of high protection as long as you remember to reapply. Paired with mascara and a good ol’ lip balm it’s fuss-free makeup perfection.

Personally, I use it as a high protection primer underneath my foundation for daily protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as a sunscreen with benefits. The texture is lovely so it works a treat and I only need a tiny bit of foundation. This is a big thumbs up from me. If you are looking for high protection that is even suitable for sensitive skin with the added bonus of a little bit of makeup, then you literally couldn’t ask for more. Fantastic product. I think I’ll be needing a lifetime’s supply! A marketer’s dream, me.

VLCC Ultra Radiance Tinted Sunscreen Souffle SPF 50 is available now at Amazon at Rs.399.