Working from Home

Here’s a bit of backstory for you. Late last month I jacked in my role in marketing and decided to go it alone with the whole G&M thang. After squirreling away on it for three years it was finally at a place where I could pump my blood, sweat, tears and makeup musings into it as a more full-time thing, so for the past four weeks I’ve been working from home as a one man band. Just me, my laptop and a stack of beauty bits along with the occasional tub of Baskin & Robbins. A bit of luck combined with many the late-night post writing sesh has paid off and life is good. But don’t start getting grand visions of a Pinterest-able desk area; I currently work wedged between my sofa and coffee-table-turned-lipstick-strewn-control room. Cramped, but comfy. Obvious PJ-wearing benefits aside one good thing about being home bound is that I can go barefaced and layer-up the skincare throughout the day without getting shot bewildered stares, tending to puffy eyes and pesky oily patches while penning posts and here’s what’s currently making the coffee table cut…

Heaping on the hydration seems to be the common theme here; with two out of three products tending to my moisture levels. The Figaro Olive Oil* is my current go-to does-it-all dose. I use this for everything: layered up all over my complexion throughout the day to inject some extra oomph – my skin drinks it up, massaged into cuticles, dry elbows, I’ve even been known to work a drop or two into the ends of my hair – a little goes a long way. For something a little lighter, the Vichy Eau Thermale* imparts a boosted skincare glow and adds a little bit of luxe to my day. Equally refreshing and moisture rich, I also incorporate this into my morning and evening skincare regimes – who doesn’t love a multitasker? Plus it wins points for smelling really darn good, almost spa-like – a perfect desk/coffee table companion. Finally my pout is given some TLC by the cheap and cheerful, but lip loving Nyassa Lip Moisturiser for Lips. A gem of a product that has even made its way onto my mom’s bedside.

Working from home can make me a little stir crazy at times but this does mean that there’s no one around to judge my ice cream for lunch feasts. And that’s a bonus, right?

*PR Sample