10 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict

Hello 2018! To kick off this year of G&M posts I thought I’d start by injecting a little humour into the month with some self-observed actions I’ve discovered recently all put together under the ’10 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict’ umbrella…

  • You hear the word orgasm and the first thing you think of is the Nars blusher.
  • There is never ever space on the bathroom shelf. Usually there are like fifty products there instead!
  • You’re going on vacation, and the thing that excites you the most is buying makeup, that is unavailable in your own country.
  • Bruno Mars gets spellchecked to Bruno Nars.
  • When speaking to your other half, you reference beauty bloggers by their names in a conversation as if you actually know them, IE: “Today Prachi & Shreya said…”
  • You are on the infinite and unending hunt for the perfect taupe eyeshadow. No matter how many you own, somehow each one could be improved upon.
  • You find yourself justifying to friends and family why you need another neutrals palette that to them looks the same as all the rest. They are all different, honest!
  • Having a very colourful back-of-hand or arm after visiting MAC/Sephora/Inglot etc.
  • Having the notes section on your phone full of wishlists.
  • You have nothing to wear, yet you buy make up instead of clothes.

How do you score with the above? It’s fair to say my traits apply to 10 out of 10. Duh. Anymore to add? Drop them in the comments below. I do love a haha-inducing comments section.