A Kama Ayurveda Moment

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a skincare update. Mainly due to the fact that whenever I recommend something in the skincare space I want to make sure that it’s really good. Of course that’s the case with all G&M-approved products but with skincare it’s a different story. A few days of wearing a lipstick & I can tell you if it’s a yay or no but with skincare it takes a few weeks to come to that conclusion – hence the wait on this one.

I’ll give you a quick summary of the state of my face first. Well, aside from the fact that my eyebrows are well overdue some attention, things aren’t too bad. My skin is as oily as usual but definitely not too greasy. Overall, it’s OK. Coming to the point of this post, some Kama Ayurveda products have made their way into my skincare routine & basically been kicking ass since the past couple of months. It’s a brand known for its healing properties (ain’t nothing harsh in here) with potent formulas & traditional ingredients. I’ve given a large portion of the line a trial, but these are the 2 products that have made me go ‘wait – this is awesome!’. I thought of ranking them by performance but realised that I liked them both equally. It’s almost like picking a favourite child. I’m kidding!

Kama Ayurveda Lavanya Natural Plant Mask: It comes as a powder that I mix with 2-3 spoons of water to form a paste. I apply on moist skin & leave it till the paste has dried. You know how these things work by now. The result? My skin is baby soft after washing the mask off. I wish they made a slightly bigger bottle. The current one fits only 25g of the product. What can I say? I’m addicted!

Kama Ayurveda Organic Neem Oil: Their oils are one of their best offerings in my opinion – I mean c’mon doesn’t the name just sell it to you? Do I even need to go on? It’s a cold pressed, 100% organic neem oil that does wonders to your hair, face & body and is basically everything you’d want in a skincare product. In all honesty, I like this because it’s multi-purpose; it brings out the shine & life in my hair, makes my face look bright & shiny, and makes my skin glow to a new level when applied on my arms & legs. One word of caution: as it’s a concentrated neem oil, it’s suggested to be diluted with equal parts of other carrier oils. I generally mix it with either sweet almond oil or coconut oil (whatever’s handy).

Whoa! Was that a rave or what. The appearance of Kama Ayurveda on my shelves has truly been a positive move for my skin. It’s deeply cleansed, refreshed & refined. There are some other additions that I’ll mention some other day which didn’t go down so well & made my usually oily skin resemble the Sahara desert. Nice. The lengths that I’ll go to, na?