Bobbi Brown Bittersweet

My nails just can’t seem to make up their mind this Summer. They’ve gone from ‘vampy’ burgundy to barely-there beige, romantic hues of red to hints of purple – but now I’m back on the brown bandwagon with my newest Bobbi Brown purchase, Bittersweet, which I spoke about in my last ‘The Weekend Post’ (see here)…

This applies exactly as it looks in the bottle. A dark colour that stands out – and we all know how much I love my dark nail polishes, yes? This was in no way a ‘must purchase’ shade for me, in fact if I hadn’t seen it looking pretty on many a beauty bloggers fingertips then I most certainly wouldn’t have it on my nails today, but you know what I actually really like it. Perhaps even more so as a pedicure colour, in fact right now I have a case of ‘new shoe’ syndrome. One of the best things about this colour is how well it applies – one thick layer probably could have done it, but I went for two to be in the safe side. I painted them on Sunday and four days later they’re not looking bad at all. Baring in mind I did apply a base and top coat there’s just some minor tip-wear occurring and I’m alright with that.

Has anyone else tried Bittersweet? I would definitely recommend it to people that are willing to pay a little more. I plan to give other nail polishes from Bobbi Brown a go and see whether lighter colours perform just as well!