Buying Faces

There are a few rituals I partake in each time I take a visit to Phoenix. I smell The Body Shop Cocoa Lotion, groan, then remember that I’ve too many lotions at home negating the need for it. I then attempt to colour match myself to L’Oreal’s True Match Le Crayon Correcteur, promptly give up and turn to swatching every single shade of the Faces Glam On Colour Perfect Lipsticks up my arm. More often than not I can’t decide between the shades with about five of them hovering on the edge purchase. Before something silly happens I walk away and turn my attention to something else. But with a bit of encouragement on Twitter, one was pushed into the basket, along with an old Faces favourite and out I walked from my most recent Phoenix jaunt with a bounce in my step and a bag of F.C goodness.

So, let’s address the gawjus stick of creamy colour first. After much deliberating (about 15 minutes worth), I plumped for Addicted, an orange/red hybrid. Swept over the lips, you can achieve a sheer tinted wash, but drawn on it sets to a more opaque finish. On first application it’s beautiful, but the selling point here is its lasting power. I tested it applied at 7 am, went about my daily business on a particularly schwetty day in Mumbai and by 10 pm it was still in place – the colour wasn’t as full-on but no creasing, na-da and the subtle wash of tint was still in tact. But hey that’s what you expect when just the swatches on my hand had to be removed with an industrial strength makeup remover. I’m planning my next Glam On Colour purchase and it’s currently between Bare Again and Barely There.

The second thing that weaseled its way into my basket was a forgotten friend from the past, their Matte Nail Enamel in Bubblepop you remember that one? This was my polish of the season last summer, but when the last drop presented itself I moved on to new pastures. It’s perfect for when I fancy something a little brighter than my usual neutral polishes. It’s so good, that I do sometimes end up brushing this over my toes too.

The deets? A roll-on of lips luxe, a.k.a – the Glam On Colour Perfect Lipsticks will set you back Rs.549 from Lifestyle and Matte Nail Enamel, Rs.249 again from Lifestyle. Affordable (the receipt was swiftly stashed away upon return), and overall a successful bout of beauty buyin’ Faces.