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We’ve all been there. A wild night of dancing, daru & dozing off early in the morning. In my experience the wildness of the night is directly proportional to the hangover the next day! While normally I can stay up as late as I want, it’s always the daru that gets to me 😅 So considering that it’s still shaadi season apne des, I thought I’d put together a short list of products that help me appear put-together in a jiffy. (No hangover cures here btw. Sorry 😝)

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Nail polishes were my first foray into the world of beauty. While typing this I’m realising that it’s actually Kajal but c’mon that’s not even counted for Indians. Nail polishes were what I actively went & purchased, you know. I mean that was what I was really allowed to get into in my teenage years. Lip gloss was a strict no-no till college.

Over the years I’ve built quite a collection. While giving myself an at-home manicure (damn this lockdown!) yesterday, I noticed that even though I aimed to collect all the colours of the rainbow, it’s clear that I do veer towards certain colours a bit more than others. I’ve already covered a little edit on my love for berries (not literally, only on nails, although I do Love berries) I observed that unintentionally I’ve collected quite a few colours in the purple shade range & an idea struck me!

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Who doesn’t love a pretty pouch? Zipped up and just waiting to be stuffed to the seams with makeup goodies. I think beauty bags are perhaps the only items in my possession that rival my foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB Cream collection, I actually own a bag of bags, anyone else have that? Today I’m breaking it down and intro-ing you to 3 favourites; some new, some old faces. Or if you’re stuck for gift-inspo for any of the women in your life, these may be worth pondering a purchase of…

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My Instagram feed is alive with the sound of bold lip posts and I’m loving it. When summer season comes around who doesn’t love to dust off the reds and slick ’em on (only for them to be forcibly removed by copious chocolate munching an hour later)? Yeah, me too. Pair it with a slick looking base, lashings of mascara, but something’s missing…..blush. Just what cheek colour do you throw on with a rouge lip to stop things looking like you’re channeling your inner tomato head? Well, I’m proposing that it’s all about the ‘no-worry blush’, pinky tans that flatter all skin-tones, perk things up and don’t interfere with what you’ve got going on lip-wise. Here are 3 of my favourites…

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So it’s only been a few months since things have got a little shorter lock-wise, but I’m already sensing what products are going to be coming to the forefront to lend their expertise on my locks. And I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Can you tell? Therefore I thought I’d serve up what I’ve been reaching for in life post-mid lengths…

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forest essentials luscious lip balm

best matte lipsticks nykaa colorbar lakme loreal paris

colorbar lip liner all grace

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my favourite lipstick finish is matte. Long-lasting, a chic way to sport bolds and possibly the only lip product that holds up through all my pizza eating. They’ve come a long way since the thirsty formulas of back in the day that sucked lips into a moisture-free climate, but they still require some steps to ensure that you aren’t the owner of a prune-like pout. So I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to matte lips: the prep, the formulas that rock, the matte lip product that you’ve already got in your stash and the secret that turns any lippie into a matte affair.

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Nykaa So Matte Lipstick

Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick

Faces Glam on Colour Perfect Lipstick

Maybelline Colour Show Creamy Matte Lip Colour

I’ve stumbled across an influx of new lipsticks recently. A whole load of colours and in a whole load of textures. So today I’m breaking the new offerings down for all budgets and all lipstick preferences. Need I say anymore…

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