I Came, I Swatched, I Purchased

A year ago I was wrapped in a deep MAC Lipstick ‘must have them all’ obsession. I was all about the baby nudes and peachy pinks back then and although I’m still partial to a P.P, I’ve had an overwhelming urge over the last few weeks to expand my collection and fill a gap that has seemingly appeared in my stash; a hit of colour (MAC Hue was just looking a wee bit porno in the winter months) and an eyeliner.

I practically had to queue to get a look in at the lipstick stand – lipsticks are obviously a commodity in MAC – and after repeating the picking up, gazing at the name on the bottom of the tube and replacing it back down into its spot process about 30 times; I finally plumped for All Fired Up, a matte bright fuchsia and one that I have heard about time and time again from you guys and Blacktrack, a very black eyeliner. Blacktrack was an easy one to choose – I came, I swatched, I purchased, but All Fired Up was more of a toughie. I knew I wanted something matte, bright and kinda reddish and after almost throwing caution to the wind and getting the near enough orangey but slightly red shade, Dangerous (I think I will go for it next time, can’t get it out of my head!) and then toying with the idea of Flat Out Fabulous, although it was a little more plum than I expected, I went for the safer All Fired Up.

I’m sure you’ll see both of these cropping up in posts over the next few weeks, I’ve already booked in All Fired Up for a birthday appearance. Yes, ideas for my birthday makeup are already whirling around in my head. What have I got planned for Valentine’s Day makeup-wise? Oh gawd, I planned that weeks ago….