Innisfree Longwear Cover Cushion Foundation

I’m starting to think that I may be romanticising my love affair with L’Oreal Paris’ True Match Liquid Foundation a little. I search amazon on a daily basis for a bottle, often get a little sad about its discontinued status and with my last drop deposited the hunt for its replacement has never been hotter. Next on my list of possible dupes to try, test and match against my ticklist of why the True Match Liquid was so awesome (ridiculously long-lasting, good but natural looking coverage, and a balanced dewy/matte finish if you were wondering) is Innisfree’s Longwear Cover Cushion Foundation.*

Does it compare to my fondly discontinued love? Well, sorta. The coverage builds from light to full in a few sweeps and the longevity is there. The finish does that whole ‘matte where you want it and dewy on the high points’ thing, but there’s one tickbox which is left empty – blendabilty. The T.M.L had an almost watery texture, I got my technique down to the point where I could put it on without a mirror, but the Innisfree is much thicker, requiring more smoothing and attention than I usually bother with. It’s definitely one of those formulas that requires a dual blend, first with brush, then fingers to make it truly melt and become your second skin.

Will it be entered into the daily rotation or strewn to the retired bases drawer? I think it’s a daily rotation choice, a dewier version of Lakme CC Cream, but with SPF it’s not a good evening offering. Drier skinned gals stay away (purely for blending reasons – things could get a little cakey), but it’s one for the more normal to combined skin among us to look into.

*PR Sample