The ‘I’ve Got a Cold’ Edit

For the past week I’ve been battling through an attack of the stuffy sniffles. One minute I’m struggling to breathe through my nasal passages, the next I’m fighting to find my pack of tissues at the bottom of my bag as there’s been a nose explosion that’s making its way down my chin. That latter scenario happened in public. In front of a wave of pointing and staring school children. Nice. My mucus levels may not be able to make up their mind but two things have stayed constant – an incessant red nose and a Post Malone-esque tone. But you know me and of course there have been some beauty bits that have come to the forefront to cover my ruddy nozzle, make things a little more breathable and polish me off for public consumption. Enter the ‘I’ve Got a Cold Edit’…

Before bed, literally every night I’ve been using the Olivia Fruit Cream* which has been tending to any dry patches my cold has conveniently amplified. Lips, face, legs (colds are a funny thing).

Now onto the makeup and as my face currently resembles a puffy, red hot mess it’s all about the base. A swipe of mascara, dab of lip balm, something light over the eyes and a bit of brow maintenance of course – but the base is where I require the most work. The Olivia Instant Waterproof Makeup Stick in 05 Touch & Glow* is a new acquisition but one I’m pleasantly surprised by. Now I wouldn’t put this strictly into the BB category but it manages to hit the right balance of glowy, with an everyday suitable coverage and the colour match is spot on. Something a little stronger is needed on my nose to survive multiple nose blowing episodes; so out comes Lakme’s 9to5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation in Silky Golden*.

And an insider slice of gossip for you fellow cold sufferers out there – it’s all about the Vick’s Vaporub, abundant amounts of fresh orange juice and catch-ups of Modern Family. Enjoy.

*PR Sample