Lakme Absolute in Coral Rush

I’ve rambled about Lakme Absolute in bits & pieces over the past few years. I love it.

It’s awesome (it’s going to be a rave in case you didn’t get it yet 😝). So today I thought I’d give one of the shades in the range a bit more attention.

Coral Rush is a perfect shade for the shaadi season. The colour is outstanding.

A straight-up coral with a hint of neon, neither too warm nor too cool & the texture really makes it look like a gel manicure. 2 thick coats do the job & a third one ensures full opaqueness.

It lasts a good 5 days before minor chipping starts to occur & then I tend to leave it on for another 2 days before finally giving in & removing it. So the ‘Lakme Absolute Hall of Fame’ is up to 2 shades: Blue Royale & Coral Rush, but what’s next? The one downside of this range is that it lacks any good non-shimmer neutral colours.

Any recommendations that I may have missed in my search? Suggest away.