Let’s Get Airy

Last weekend over a belt-bulging burger, me and one of my best friends A discussed life, love and long-wearing lipstick. A is my neutral lip buddie – she’s always rocking the nude lacquer – so with her in tow we both felt it completely necessary to crack out the colour for a casual trip to Phoenix. While we chomped away, her lipstick stayed intact, while I despaired at having to reapply mine a total of five times while we were out to avoid the porn star liner look as my lippie wore away (Maybelline Color Show I’m looking at you). Our natter moved onto to her favourite long-lasting formulas and I listened up. So the next day her top pick, Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Airy Fairy was purchased…

The Rimmel Intense Wear Lipstick is a shiny finish lipstick that’s long lasting all wrapped up in the simple packaging we’ve come to expect from Rimmel. I gave this a go and to my surprise it worked. It feels almost like skin on the lips, not a horrible gloopy finish at all which I half expected and most of all it lasted. I did gobble my way through a ginormous amount of food (god help my waistline at the moment), so it did require a quick touch up to revive the colour in the centre of my lips, but I think without the feast it would have lasted the whole evening no worries. I would suggest using a lip liner with it, I went for MAC Naked Liner Lip Pencil, just to neaten up the edges, but if you’re a more expected neutral lip wearer than myself with a steady hand, just throw it on straight from the applicator.

An Intense Wear Lipstick will take you back Rs.275 and there are a whopping 18 shades to choose from – how is one to pick? From reviews I’ve read, the bold colours don’t seem to work as well in this formula, so stick to the nudes. So cheers A – let’s get airy (and more importantly, long lasting!).