L’Oreal False Lash Mascara Alternatives

There’s no official word no matter how deep I dig around on the Internet, but its absence from the shelves and lack of an empty spot reserved for it on counter has lead me to the devastating realisation that L’Oreal False Lash Mascara has in fact (I think) been discontinued. Hold me. First one of the most perfect foundations in the world disappears and now this, I’m in makeup distress people. But my feels have been dampened slightly by the fact that I’ve stumbled across some pretty good substitutes for my long-lost mascara love. Two that I’ve finally begun to get on with. OK so none of them as beautifully crimping, volumising, lengthening, just the right amount of clumping credentials as the False Lash, but good enough. To the False Lash lovers I extend a tissue for your tears and two alternatives:

Colorbar Zoom & Whoosh Mascara – Rs.650 – Health & Glow. Of the two this is the most standard fluffy little brush set-up. It coats the lashes with a light load of defining darkness and keeps hold of a curl (as the other one does also). It sort of reminds me when False Lash used to get a bit dry and consequently more subtle in results just before the tube got real bad. If you loved those last deposits then this could well be your replacement.

Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Mascara – Rs.325 – Health & Glow. After a month or two of playing around with this, waiting for it to dry out a little and smudging almost every single application all over my lid due to its mahoosive brush I’ve concluded that this is the next best thing to False Lash. It might not be as volumising, but you know what? I think it gives a nice little fluttery finish to the lashes. And the gawd damn clunky brush (can you tell the brush and I don’t get on) actually makes a good winging out tool for impossible-to-grab outer corner rooted ones.