L’Oreal Paris Beige Suit

Paris Beige Suit

Over the past few days I’m going a wee bit crazy for beige nails. Yep full whack, nudest of nude talons. I’m not quite sure what happened. Well actually here’s the backstory – I was invited to my niece’s naming ceremony. Before the event my cousin offered to do my manicure and as my nails were looking god damn awful and (shock horror) were unpainted I drew up a chair and picked out the shade Beige Suit which I’ve been wanting to try for yonks.

Well people, it was a revelation. For the rest of the day I suffered with a major case of ‘new shoe syndrome’, you know where you just can’t stop looking down? And after much admiration of my hands, the next day I dashed to a Lifestyle to pick it up. The thing I noticed most about this shade was how well it applied, my cousin applied two layers but it looked opaque enough in my eyes after one – now that I love. Four days on and it’s still going strong. You guys know I’m a Bourjois lover through and through, but Bourjois’ aside L’Oreal Paris is the second most prominent brand in my stash (even more than Lakme!) – Black Swan and Blue Reef, are my other favourites.

I was telling a friend how impressed I was with how long my L’Oreal Paris mani was lasting and she said she heard a tip from a top manicurist that polish will last longer if you use the same brand base coat, colour and top coat. Hmmmmm, I’m intrigued and may have to give that a little test of my own. But back to the point – ‘Beige Suit’ gets a big thumbs up from me.